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X bar sold and closed

X bar sold. The very short lived X bar Pattaya has been sold and closed. It is due to reopen in mid September 2017 as the new Bandits Hideout bar.

There seems to be no news why the bar sold although they seemed to very little to promote it other than on Facebook which has very little scope in terms of reaching people who will actually venture to Pattaya let alone to Soi 6 itself. Perhaps it didn’t make money, perhaps they received an offer that was too good to refuse.

With little point dwelling on closes bars you can see the current details for the new bar at Bandits Hideout bar Pattaya.

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  1. Seb6 Reply

    Seems no one really knows what happened. You are correct that the bar did virtually no advertising or promotion which is a little odd as the owner promotes his other bar, Lucky Love, quite hard albeit only on Facebook which as you say has very limited real impact. Rumours will no doubt abound. These owners really need to look at the succesful Soi 6 bars to see that the bars who advertise are busy, those who dont are not although there are a few exceptions to this such as Lisa bar. Good luck to the new bar and its new owners.

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