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Sweet Ass bar renamed Bunny Club

Sweet Ass bar renamed Bunny Club My rating: 5 out of 5

The rather unfortunately named Sweet Ass bar has been renamed the Bunny Club Soi 6. The change takes effect from April 2017.

The bar was purchased by the Nightwish Group of bars in March 2017 and a name change was not only inevitable but probably long overdue. More often than not Nightwish leave bars names alone when they buy them but this will be the 3rd bar they have renamed. The other two being You Twat bar, to Toy Box and Working Girl agogo to Nature bar. The reasoning being obvious we assume!?

The Bunny Club also has a new manager and we wish him well in the new venture. You can keep up to date with progress on the new Bunny Club Soi 6 Facebook Page.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Bunny-Club-Soi-6

Bunny Club Instagram Feed

Note – this instagram feed is for the Nightwish Group’s Soi 6 bars in general. Not specific to this bar alone.

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  1. Kenny Reply

    Good decision, it was a dreadful name. Only went in the bar once and recall it was quite nice so pretty much a turnkey for Nightwish with the name sorted out. I am told they are likely to convert it to an open front bar. I hope not as they have plenty of those and a decently decorated indoor bar should be a good addition to the stable.

  2. Brendan Rogers Reply

    Its actually one of the nicer decorated bars on the 6 so didnt need a lot done. Agree, a good call on the name change though, it was awful.

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