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HK Darts bar opens on Soi 6

HK Darts bar opens on Soi 6 My rating: 2 out of 5

Strange as it may seem a new bar, the HK darts bar has opened on Soi 6. It is a bar dedicated, yes you guessed it, to darts. Specifically electronic darts as you can see in the picture. There is seating for drinking plus several electronic darts boards. As far as we are aware there is no traditional board for steel tipped darts.

Like many we really have no idea who the bar is aimed at or how it will go although we wish them the very best of luck. It does seem a very odd theme to open on the 6.

HK darts bar contact and media

Address : 437/96-97, Soi 6, Beach Road, Pattaya City

Contact : 063 774 6926

Website : add website

Facebook :

HK Darts Bar - Pattaya
DARTSLIVE2上新遊戲登場。 用飛鏢打倒相繼來襲的殭屍們。
HK Darts Bar - Pattaya
HK Darts Bar - Pattaya2 days ago
今日Singha Light 3 送 1🍻
HK Darts Bar - Pattaya
HK Darts Bar - Pattaya5 days ago

HK Darts Bar - Pattaya
HK Darts Bar - Pattaya6 days ago
有冇人覺得成日彈個nice one出黎好煩?
HK Darts Bar - Pattaya
HK Darts Bar - Pattaya1 week ago
HK Darts Bar - Pattaya
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  1. Jonty Reply

    There could be some method to the madness here. Owner is Chinese and apparently has connections to the tour groups. The Chinese love this electronic darts stuff. Remains to be seen what they think of Soi 6 per se.

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